Monday, June 15, 2009


consider the lilies

My garden is just doing ridiculously well this year. I don't know if it's the new fertilizer (tomato-tone, though it hasn't been confined to the tomato plants) I've been liberally tossing about or what, but it's really exciting.
crop of a different sort

The bees certainly think the stand of bee balm at the west end of the garden is exciting.

My deal-finding prowess is finally, well, prowessing. My garden is filled with clearance plants and most of them are thriving.
nikko 'blue'
american beauty

Of course, if I mention bargains I can't forget about my fabulous snapdragons.

Even my poor strawberries-and-cream lilies that have been dragged hither and yon the past several years (and are still ingloriously stuffed into a pot) are blooming like mad.

I'm so thankful to have my own bit of earth to poke around in!

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