Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday's garden is fair of face


Finally managed to add some tomato-tone to my tomatoes. They're not doing so well; they need more sun. The impatiens, on the other hand, are growing like gangbusters. While their orangy-red does match the holly berries nicely, it clashes with, oh, everything else in the garden. Should've gone with the cherry red.
Was at Lowe's this weekend - ostensibly to buy a light bulb but really to look at the plants. Ended up coming home with a Sweet Autumn Clematis (I've been wanting one for forever) and six columbines (hey, they were only a dollar). The clematis is going to go on an obelisk in the side garden where the old stump used to be - well, probably. I'm still waiting to hear back from Archer Farms about my meadowsweet. Once it arrives, then I'll feel better about planting things in the side yard with it as a reference point. The alternative clematis location is climbing up the back porch, but I'm not sure how well it would do there and it would somewhat limit access to valuable under-deck storage space. And the columbines . . . I really don't know where they'll go. Some by St. Francis, some in the windflower bed. The two blue ones in the hydrangea bed. Six is really too many, but they are Mr. M's favorite garden plant.

The knock-out roses and the Bonica rose are in full swing, and last week I noticed the purple heart had finally made an appearance. The lily-of-the-valley and the bleeding heart are just about done for the season, and my poor camellia bush is just about to kick the bucket. I think I am the only person in the southeastern US to ever manage to kill a camellia bush. Maybe it's been too dry? Need to get going on soaker hose installation, and I'd like to get/build a rain barrel this year. I'm hoping to get the hydrangea bed finished this week before we go to the beach; if we do, I'll ask my neighbors to water it. (Of course, the backyard would need to be decluttered first; the detritus from the shed collapse is still strewn about). One more 'to do' that needs doing, like, yesterday: poison ivy is trying to take over our yard. I'm afraid one morning I'm going to wake up and find it has overgrown the entire house and is trying to get inside. So, yeah. Need to curb that.

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