Monday, March 2, 2009

bottles of hope

The North Texas Polymer Clay Guild is sponsoring a bottles of hope contest. The deadline is April 10th. I'd really like to enter:
- for the exposure (not that that matters until I can restock my etsy shop)
- in memory of D-daddy, whose bottles I was given by Deedie
- because it's a nice thing to do for people

So far my brainstormings haven't been very productive:
- Hope: clay backed butterfly topper, pandora's box, sun and clouds
- Shape: tree, mushroom, castle tower, gnome

More than the contest, I'd really like to come up with something that would inspire the eventual recipient. Intriguingly, this points to another craft/faith nexus of the type I've been pondering recently. I think my head is a rock tumbler, turning nuggets of ideas over and round until they come out polished and ready for presentation. It's just a very sloooow process, most of the time, and craft/faith nexus needs to go back in for a while.

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