Friday, March 6, 2009

Projects Underway

These are only the projects currently not in hibernation; otherwise the list would itself go unfinished.

Mom's tea cozy - currently 2/3 done, need to get more yarn
Swallow pendant - need to paint the edges, then seal and string
Pansy magnets - not really sure what to do on these next, which is why they're not finished. they need something in their centers, I'm just not sure what
Teapot box - for some reason I'm really dragging my feet on the bottom half of the box (though not literally - that would be strange)

Also I need to decide what to do with my undersea pendant (whether to trash or try to salvage it) and my sea of faces box (it can't live on my mantel forever, but I don't think I could sell it).

Huh. That's not as bad as I thought it was. I feel less overwhelmed now. With craft projects, anyway.

edited to add: also creative simmerings on the contests ennumerated below; most notably sketching out some boh ideas

edited to add II: also the knitting markers. maybe it is as bad as I thought it was.

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