Saturday, March 7, 2009

Sea of Faces

This is the box I mentioned in my last post. It was my first foray into faux ivory. It didn't turn out that well, though that was more due to the fact I was trying multiple new things at once (faux ivory, covering a box, layering molded pieces, antiquing) than the ivory method I used (Sue Heaser's, as opposed to the layered stack or the little tubes methods). It was fun though, especially the antiquing, which doesn't look that good in the photo but looks cool in person. I also used 0000 steel wool for the final sanding pass, and really loved the result. It brings out a sheen that I hadn't been able to achieve before with most other methods. Plus it's really easy on a piece with a zillion nooks and crannies like this, as opposed to some sort of dremel-based method.

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